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This is a list of frequently asked questions that our GridlockED fans have asked of us.  If you do not see the answer to your questions, please feel free to write us an email (gridlockedgame<at>

Q. How can I care for my cards? They are getting grey with use!
A. If there is a problem with your cards becoming grey, then that means you have one of the few defective game sets. This occurred because our publisher changed the nature of the card stock. But we have a fix! You should email <> and then let them know of the dry erase problem and ask for a $30 store credit. After which, you can go to this link ( to purchase replacement cards that NO LONGER HAVE THIS PROBLEM. We apologize to those of you who received these problematic cards.

Q. Will you be publishing more expansion packs?

A. If you have tuned into our Twitter account (@gridlockedgame) then you may have noticed that we have a Code Orange Disaster Expansion pack being developed. We will plan to launch this within a year.  We need to give people time to learn the GridlockED base game before we up the ante!

Q. I am a teacher, do you have proper lesson plans?

A. We are working with our team to develop actual lesson plans that you can use on a dedicated GridlockED simulation template. If you have noticed, the cards are all numbered, allow you as an educator to engage in this kind of lesson design too!  We will be working with to develop and hopefully peer review our lesson plans. We are hoping to distribute these online for free.  After all, you'll have already purchased the game!

Q. I am a teacher in a low or middle income country. I would like to purchase the game, but it is too expensive. Will you be releasing a cheaper version of this game?

A. We are still in very early stages, but we are hoping to create a FOAM version of this game (with minimal graphics) that can be downloaded as a PDF and then cut, copied, and glued together. We are planning to look into developing this in the next few months, and will release this version as soon as we can get it all laid out.

Q. I am an innovative educator myself. What platform did you use to make your game?

A. We went through the famous custom board game design company, The Gamecrafter. We had a really good experience, and they have been super patient and responsive with us whenever we have queries. The uploading process was seamless, although we did have to do all the graphic design on our side by ourselves. They do handle all the production, and the shipping. And they make to order - which means that they do not charge you increased up front fees to turn your idea into an actual physical product. The shipping, however, (as some of you know) can be quite expensive because they are in the USA and use UPS to ship the items.

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